LiteracyGo has been designed to be used by teachers in lots of ways:

-As a standalone independent study platform for literacy students, suitable for home study/inclusion/exclusion/isolation/self-isolation programmes
-As a way of indexing key literacy skills, making students’ literacy progress much easier to monitor, for you and them
-As a way of itemising which skills lower schools should be teaching to help students achieve in national exams
-As a way of setting target-specific homework for individual students, simply by asking them, for example, to go to ‘, Skill 28’
-As a way of empowering parents, carers and literacy assistants by giving them a structure for teaching literacy, and links to resources
-As a classroom resource for projection, for example for starters for lessons
-As a short cut to reaching relevant online resources
-As a means of allowing students to use smartphones in an academically useful way

So as you can see, there are many ways to use it!

If you’re using the site in class via a PC, you can use cntrl+ to get the font size right depending on your projector/whiteboard set-up. At about 200% the site will automatically switch to smartphone/tablet appearance, with the focus on the scrolling menu of skills.


Please note that all original content, including text, photos and the skills-based menu system, is the copyright of Although use of the site is free, we of course welcome donations and sponsorship to assist with all the usual expenses (see Contact tab).

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