There are lots of ways to improve your spelling, and you have to find the one that matches your way of remembering things. If you just want to get started, here’s a spelling test website, and you can choose what level of spellings to try:

This one helps you spell by connecting words:

You can practice your spelling at lots of other websites, like this one which can help you from the basics to advanced spelling with a huge range of exercises:

This website also has its own You Tube channel:

This video shows you why good spelling might be useful for tattoo artists (and it might help you remember some words too!):

Unfortunately bad spelling is everywhere, so you can learn from all these mistakes:

You can give your visual memory a workout with this video on how to remember spellings using images and video:

This video shows you spellings being written on clothing during a school leavers’ day, to make them a bit more memorable:

This video shows you which other languages some of our words actually come from, in case that helps you remember the roots of our words:


Just remember, if you learn how to spell one word a day, you’ll know 364 more every year!*


*We have given you a day off for your birthday!


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