🏁 Not all past verbs end in -ed. Some are trickier, and you have to know them. The main ones are:

I am → I was
I break → I broke
I bring → I brought
I buy → I bought
I catch → I caught
I do → I did
I fly → I flew
I go → I went
I have → I had
I say → I said
I sing → I sang
I speak → I spoke
I take → I took
I think → I thought 

📲 💻You can use this link to a Google Form so you can test if you can remember it.

🔆 If you’re good at these already, you can go on to Skill 31.


He bought the Triumph with the loudest paint job he could order.

🚦Time for more? Try some of these links.

🎯 💻 You can go to these sites and see if there are any other past tenses you still need to learn:



🎯 💻 This game site helps you sort out past tenses (but you need to have Flash Player on your device):


💻 📺If you want an even more thorough guide on video, you could try this 17 minute one:


🎓  As English is a mixture of lots of languages, we use lots of other ways of writing verbs in the past. We call these verbs irregular because they don’t have a normal -ed ending like in the last skill. As well as the simple past, we also often use something called the past participle. You can find a good guide here:


There’s another very full workout here:



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