🏁 Your means something that belongs to you, e.g. it was your car. You’re is a shortened form of the two words, you are, e.g. you’re going to do well. Try to remember this sentence to help you:

You’re going to improve your English.

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Is your dream that you’re going to be married one day?

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These homophones mainly trip people up when they are trying to say you are but use your instead of you’re, as they’ve forgotten about the apostrophe and the shortening of two words, so they just put your instead. Some people get confused because they think an apostrophe always means belonging, so they would write you’re bags instead of your bags. Here are some more sentences that use both in the right way:

You’re going to be late for your lesson.
Your grades need to be good if you’re going to go to college.
You’re wrong if you think your trainers are worth that much!

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