🏁 Every time we start a new sentence, we have to use a capital letter. So we should write like this:

It was cold outside. Even the birds shivered.

We shouldn’t write like this:

it was cold outside. even the birds shivered.

📲 💻You can use this link to a Google Form so you can test you’ve got it.

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Use a capital letter when you launch yourself into a new sentence.

🛠 Need more? Read on.

The capital letter at the start of a sentence is like a ‘go’ signal at a traffic light. You shouldn’t go off without one.

🎯 📝 See if you can rewrite this text, putting in all the capitals at the start of the sentences (some of the sentences are quite short so it is a bit more dramatic):

the man walked along the street. it was dark. he heard a noise and turned round. a cat was running away from some bins. he reassured himself it was nothing and walked on. then there was another noise. this time it was closer. a lot closer. too close.

✅ The text from above should look like this:

The man walked along the street. It was dark. He heard a noise and turned round. A cat was running away from some bins. He reassured himself it was nothing and walked on. Then there was another noise. This time it was closer. A lot closer. Too close.

🎯 💻 Want to try another test? This one helps you use capital letters better (scroll down after the text):


This one gets you to rearrange mixed up sentences into the right order:


🚦Time to stop for more? When writing properly, we have to put our thoughts and ideas into separate sentences. If we’re just used to texting or writing on social media, we can write how we like and not bother with punctuation. This isn’t good enough for real writing though, and we have to make an effort. Of course, you also need a full stop at the end of the sentence, but as some people remember one but forget the other, we’ll cover full stops in the next section separately.

🎓 If you want a more complicated test to take things further, you can try this one:


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