🏁 Make sure you write these words as two separate words: a lot, a bit, all right.

If you write them as alot, abit, or alright, they’re wrong.

📲 💻You can use this link to a Google Form so you can test you’ve got it. Click Submit and then View Score and it will self-mark for you and tell you how many you got right.

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🛠 Need a bit of practise to remember?

🎯 📝 Re-write the drama script below, correcting all the errors where the writer has confused two words with one:

Stacey: Did you eat alot of crisps at break?
Jayden: No, but I had abit of cake.
Stacey: Abit or alot?
Jayden: Okay, alot!
Stacey: It’s alright, you’re not on a diet!
Jayden: It’s not alright- I was on a diet!

✅ You should have written it like this:

Stacey: Did you eat a lot of crisps at break?
Jayden: No, but I had a bit of cake.
Stacey: A bit or a lot?
Jayden: Okay, a lot!
Stacey: It’s all right, you’re not on a diet!
Jayden: It’s not all right– I was on a diet!

🚦Time for more?

This is an easy one to sort out. Writing two words like ‘alot’ as one word is very common, so don’t fall into this simple trap. Just learn which ones are always written as two words.


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