🏁 Make sure all your letters with bits that should go below the line (like f, g, j, p, q and y) are written properly.

Which is easier to read?

I played a game of football in the park


I Played a Game of Football in the Park ?

📲 💻You can use this link to a Google Form so you can test you’ve got it. Click Submit and then View Score and it will self-mark for you and tell you how many you got right.

🔆 If all your f,g, j, p,q and y letters will now have the right bit going below the line, then that’s three quick skills sorted already! Why not go to Skill 4?

Do your f, g, j, p, q and y letters go below the line?

🛠 Or if you want more exercises to practise, read on.

This is what your handwriting can look like if you have this issue:

I was Polishing mY shoes when suddenlY I droPPed one of them. I
QuicklY Picked it uP and Put it back on the table. I had Forgotten that
PuttinG shoes on the table was unluckY!

Do you think it’s harder to read? If you write like this, why not try to change it when you know other people have to read your writing? 

🎯 📝 If you need a workout for your letter-writing for these ones, rewrite the text above and check the letters are written with the downwards bit actually going below the line.

✅ How the text should really look:

I was polishing my shoes when suddenly I dropped one of them. I
quickly picked it up and put it back on the table. I had forgotten that
putting shoes on the table was unlucky!

🚦 Time to stop for more?

We are all using handwriting less, so we don’t practise writing our letters as much as we should. These letters, called consonants with descenders, often get written with the descending bit staying above the line. This makes some of them look like capitals. Some people can’t write both versions of these letters- they just write them as capitals all the time. Try to make sure you can write both kinds.

You should also find it’s easier to write more neatly, as joining up letters of the right height is easier than joining up letters when the letter heights are all over the place!


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