🏁 ‘Are’ is from the verb ‘to be’ and means we or they are, or you are if ‘you’ means more than one person. ‘Our’ means something belongs to us:

Are you coming to the football match?

Our wifi speeds are a bit slow here.

📲 💻You can use this link to a Google Form so you can test if you can remember it.

🔅 If you get it, you can go to Skill 28.

Are we going to race our new car?

🛠 Need more? Read on.

See if you can identify what’s wrong with the sentences below:

They are going to are house.
We are going there in are car.

Hopefully you can spot straightaway that the sentences should really read like this:

They are going to our house.
We are going there in our car.

🚦 Time for a last exercise?

🎯 💻 There’s one here:


🎓 As you can see, some people mix up using ‘are’ when they should use ‘our.’ This is often due to regional differences in pronunciation, or local accent, which then leads to confusion over which word to choose.


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