Welcome to LiteracyGo. You can use this site’s menus to improve your literacy, so if you keep making mistakes, why not start again from the Basic Skills list and go from there?

You can add to your skills in an order that makes sense, and you will gain more confidence in your use of English with every new skill you understand. There are links to sites where you can test your new abilities and learn more. Best of all, the skills are all numbered, so you’ll always know exactly what stage you’re at with your literacy from now on!

You can also work on your Writing Skills, sort out your Homophones, check out your Spelling,  and basically give your English one of the best workouts it’s ever had!

There are also links to videos and games that can help you improve. So why not get started now and see how many Basic Skills you’re good at already?

Good Luck!

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