🏁 Witch means the one with the pointy hat, the broomstick and the spells. Which is a question word that means someone has to make a choice between two or more things.

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Lewis worried that his gambling on which fighter would win was getting out of hand.

🚦 As it’s just a noun, witch is easy to learn, especially if you think of the ‘t’ in the middle as looking like a witches’ broomstick:

The witch flew off into the dark moonless night.

Some historians think the idea of the witch was originally invented so men could threaten older women and steal their land.

Which is a question word and spells at the beginning like all the other wh- question words, like who, what, when and so on, and if you start a sentence off with it, or use it to put a question in the second part, you’ll need a question mark at the end:

Which team will win the league this year?

Which restaurant should we go to today?

In the play ‘Macbeth,’ which witch was the worst?

You can use it sentences where it doesn’t need a question mark at the end though:

I didn’t know which one to choose.

Karen liked to think about which countries she’d buy a house in if she won the lottery.

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🎓 The word which is called an interrogative pronoun.




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