🏁 Weather is the local climate, whether is when you’re deciding if you should do something or which is the right option to choose.

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‘The weather’s so good, today might be the day to jump the fence,’ thought Stormy.

🚦 Weather is a noun, and is used when we want to talk about if it’s raining or sunny today or at some point in the future, when we call it a weather forecast:

The weather forecast for the next week is good, with lots of sunshine.

I hope the weather will be good for my holiday at the weekend!

An easy way to remember it is to think of the UK as an island surrounded by the sea, and the weather always comes in off the sea.

Sometimes we can use weather as a verb, but this just means to cope with or survive, and is usually used descriptively when you say things like this:

Lisa hoped she could weather the storm of losing her job.

Whether often means you have to think about which option is the right one:

The manager couldn’t decide whether to bring the player off or leave him on for the rest of the match.

I couldn’t decide whether to have the cake or ice-cream for dessert.

We don’t know yet whether it will rain this afternoon or not.

A way to remember this one is to think of whether as like a question word, which in English often start with wh, like who, what, when and so on.

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🎓 Whether is a type of linking word or conjunction, because it often presents a second clause as a choice or possibility.


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