🏁 Right means the opposite of left or wrong. Write means to create some text on paper or on a phone or computer:

When I write directions, I always use left and right clearly.

You’re right, it’s hard for me to write neatly!

When they write the code for this video game, they need to get it right or it won’t work!

📲 💻You can use this link to a Google Form to check you can use these words in the right way.

🎯💻Want to try a test? In this one, you have to work out the three right sentences:


Alfie was sure this last selfie
was the right one.

🎯💻📺 There’s an interesting exercise here from younger Japanese students, who have used different You Tube video links to make a quiz with answers:

🚦 Right means correct or on the right hand side. Write is a verb meaning to get down your words in some way others could read.

🎓 There are also two other homophones like these though, so be careful. Rite means a ceremony or custom. Wright is part of a word like playwright, like Shakespeare, or as part of older words like wheelwright, it means someone who makes wheels. There’s a more advanced explanation and quiz to try here:


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