🏁 The desert is a sandy, dry place. To desert people is also to leave them. A dessert is something you eat:

A dessert will melt in the desert.

If you desert me on this dinner date half-way through, you’ll miss the dessert!

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The cat wondered what
it could have for dessert.

🚦 Dessert is a noun and refers to what you eat after the main course in a meal. Desert is a noun that means a large sandy area. To desert is also a verb which means to run away from, or to leave without permission, and from that we get another noun, deserters. There is also the term ‘just desserts,’ which means to get what you deserve, and it’s often used negatively, like in the third example below:

There’s another explanation here if you need one:


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🎓 To desert and desert are homographs, with the same spelling but different pronunciation and meaning.
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