🏁 To allow is to say something is okay to do, so it’s allowed. Aloud just means we can hear it:

Eating in the hall is allowed.

‘I don’t know what to do,’ he said aloud.

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The dog was allowed to play in the river.

🚦Allow can be used in a few ways: to allow is a verb, to be allowed is another past form of the verb. Aloud is only ever used as an adverb. To allow is a verb that means something is permitted and you can do it. Aloud is an adverb which tells us that something can be heard. It is different from the adjective ‘loud,’ which means something is noisy. Here are some examples:

He wasn’t allowed to sing aloud, as he was always out of tune.

She was talking aloud in the exam and was sent out, because talking wasn’t allowed.

‘Why am I not allowed to have a Facebook account?’ she thought aloud in her bedroom.

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🎓 Allowed is the simple past form of the verb to allow, and is also its past participle, which is used with to be (is allowed/were allowed and so on). Aloud is an adverb of manner, which means it is telling you how something was said, thought and so on.


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