🏁 To affect means to change. The result of a change is the effect, e.g.

I affected the car by lowering the suspension, and the effect was that the passengers found it really uncomfortable.

Rooney was affected by the alcohol he had drunk, and the effect was a drink-driving charge.

The next meaning’s a bit different though:

The effect of the storm was that all affected areas were flooded.

In this example, affected is also being used as an adjective to identify the things that have been changed (the areas). Never say ‘effected’ when you mean affected.

📲 💻You can use this link to a Google Form to check you can use these words in the right way.

The effect of the cold was that
icicles formed.

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🎓 Generally we use to affect as a verb, affected as an adjective and effect as a noun. However, there is a way we can also use effect as a verb, as in to effect change, but this is best avoided unless you’re sure of the others. There’s a more detailed explanation and a challenging quiz here:


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