🏁 Quiet is used to say something isn’t noisy at all, like in a quiet library. Quite is used to show an amount of something, like quite a lot:

We were quite sure we had to be quiet in the library.

The soldiers were quiet as the enemies were quite close.

She had to keep quiet about it as she was quite sure it was a secret.

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The peace and quiet in the garden
was quite relaxing.

🚦 There’s another explanation here if you want to run through it again:


🎓 Quiet can be an adjective to describe how you have to be in the first example below, and how the soldiers are in the second example. It can also be a noun, as in peace and quiet. Quite usually emphasises an adjective, like quite sure, quite certain, quite good and so on, but it can also emphasise an adverb, e.g. to run quite quickly, to breathe quite slowly and so on.



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