🏁 To break is to destroy or ruin something, or to take a rest from it. To brake is to slow down.

She had to put the brakes on their relationship for a while or they would break up.

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‘But it wasn’t cheating,’ thought Eve,
‘as we were clearly on a break!’

🚦To break is a verb meaning to stop something working or destroy it, or to take a rest, or have a pause. To brake is a verb meaning to slow down. Both words can also be nouns. A break can be a rest, a holiday or a type of injury. A brake is the equipment that helps slow something down. Here are some more examples:

He had to brake suddenly, as he knew he would break something if the car crashed.

During his break, he looked out the window and saw his car rolling backwards in the car park- he hadn’t put the handbrake on properly!

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