🏁 To bear something means to put up with it. To bare means to expose, reveal or show off:

She couldn’t bear to show her bare arms as her tattoo had gone wrong.

I had to bear in mind that her bare-faced lies were convincing!

The bear approached and bared its teeth.

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Beryl preferred to wear lipstick on her bare lips.

🚦Bear can also be used in more descriptive ways:

He knew he would have to bear the burden of his job for quite a while.

She bore the burden of her background with pride. (Bore here is the past tense of to bear.)

The ship bears the name ‘Ark Royal.’

🎓 To bear is a verb and means to put up with  something, or think about something and keep it in mind, or tolerate it. It can also be a noun and mean the large animal. To bare is a verb and means to expose something. It can also be an adjective, describing something you can see because it is uncovered.

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