🏁 ‘Are’ is from the verb ‘to be’ and means we or they are, or you are if ‘you’ means more than one person.

‘Our’ just means something belongs to us.

📲 💻You can use this link to a Google Form to check you can use these words in the right way.

If robots are our future, are we
right to be scared of it?

🚦This is an easy mistake to correct, which is good because it’s also very common. See if you can identify what’s wrong with the sentences below:

They are going to are house.
We are going there in are car.

Hopefully you can spot straightaway that the sentences should really read like this:

They are going to our house.
We are going there in our car.

As you can see, people mainly mix up using ‘are’ when they should use ‘our.’

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