Before you make one, you might want to read these guides to how effective they can be.

This basic mask can be made in about half an hour.

You’ll need these things to start with.








1 Cut and bend some wire like this. Use a pen to twist loops for adding straps later.









Press the wire frame around your nose and push in all the way round. Twist at the bottom under your chin.










Your finished wire frame should look like these.









Cut up some cardboard and bend them to make some bridges.









Attach the bridges with parcel tape.








Turn the frame over and lie it on a double layer of kitchen roll or your chosen material. Start taping from the nose bridge downwards with masking tape.










Tape all the way round, taking care to tape around the strap loops.









Attach straps that can fit above and below the back of your head, using rubber bands and paper clips, or whatever you have available.





















There is a real shortage of masks now for everyone. Why not help out and make some for yourself and for other people? If they could help reduce the risk of spreading the virus to vulnerable people like the elderly, who might be badly affected by it, you would be doing your bit to help out!

If you want to learn more about how COVID-19 compares to some of the other pandemics in history, there’s a great article here:



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