Literacy Games and Activities

There are lots of literacy game sites out there that can really help you get more accurate. Just bear in mind that many will need an updated Flash Player to work. 

One of the best is Comma Castle, which has several levels to play on and helps you revise lots of basic literacy skills. It’s in the style of a simple video game but is very effective. Will you be able to get 300 points on level one?


For spelling and vocabulary, there are some Countdown and Scrabble-style word games against the clock here:

In this one, you have to make words and clear whole lines of letters:

This one tests your ability to make adverbs with a hangman-style game:


To revise apostrophes, try this one:


Younger Games

These next games have been designed for younger students, but please don’t let that put you off trying them. Many work really well and will help you practise skills, or remind you of what the different types of word are called, as lots of people have memories that work better with pictures anyway.

What is a noun?

What’s an adjective?

What’s a verb?

Parts of speech (younger students like playing with this one):

How do we use commas?


How to give a better speech:


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